The Future Of Retail

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants carried out a study focused in particular on examining certain dogmas that are all too often treated as facts in the current debate about online and offline shopping:

Dogma 1: Sooner or later, large swathes of brick-and-mortar retail will be replaced by online.

Dogma 2: Online, price is the only thing that matters. Offline, personal assistance is the decisive factor.

Dogma 3: Offline retail is degenerating into a showroom for online retailers. Customers these days only go into stores to have a good look at the products and find out about them. The actual buying takes place online. In-store sales are doomed to collapse.

Dogma 4: Young people have already been lost for brick-and-mortar retail. Digital natives grow up with the Internet and are constantly online through social networks such as Facebook. Inevitably, they do most of their buying online and will continue to do so in the future.

Dogma 5: Multichannel retail will make everybody happy. «Click and mortar» is the only real way for traditional retailers to survive in the future.

The basic finding is like this:


Read the study here to find out the truth about the 5 dogmas and the future of retail shopping.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

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